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“The Korean Film Institute was established in 2007 to reinforce KOFA’s internal research specialty on Korean films.”
As research on Korean films is becoming increasingly popular at home and abroad, there is also an increasing demand for arrangement of required documents for research and unearthing historical materials. Thus, the Korean Film Archive has set up the Korean Film Institute under the direct control of the Director of the Korean Film Archive to establish itself as the stronghold of Korean film research both at home and abroad by enhancing the level of research and publication that have so far been carried out by the existing research & education team inside KOFA and strengthening its film history research capabilities.

The Korean Film Institute, which starts its full-fledged activities in 2008, is now pushing ahead with projects to make it possible to actively utilize the contents held by KOFA for related research work. The Institute plans to broaden the Korean film history database establishment and research functions, including recording of film elders’ oral statements, arrangement of historical documents, and release of Korean classic film DVDs, and more profoundly expand the planning and production of Korean film DVDs and film education DVDs as well as collection, research and translation and publishing of Korean film history-related materials.

The important projects to be pushed ahead by the Korean Film Institute include research, publication, education and lecture, formation of a research network, and support for archives. The research and publication work, which is the Institute’s main project, has been utilized as important in the acquisition of basic historical materials that formed the basis of research for related researchers since before its establishment. The Institute is making a new attempt to develop joint and commissioned research projects with external organizations by expanding the existing research function that has focused on the establishment of a historical database. This is expected to serve as an opportunity for us to accumulate the work of profound research on the Korean film and at the same time unearth and intensify new ideas.

The Korean Film Institute also plans to push ahead with a research network establishment project to provide a place for broad communication for research on the Korean film history. By operating the KFI Homepage as the stronghold of the research network, the Institute will help both Korean and foreign Korean film history researchers continuously exchange the fruits of their work. Moreover, by gathering research capabilities through academic research on Korean films and research exchange with other related organizations, the Institute will plan and hold Korean film-related symposiums and seminars. We hope the newly launched KFI’s efforts will serve as a bridge between the Korean Film Archive and the academic film circles in making contributions that enrich and deepen research on the history of the Korean film industry.