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Welcome to the homepage of Korean Film Archive.
How are you? This is Ru Jae-lim, the director of the Korean Film Archive (KOFA).

KOFA is a film archive that collects and preserves all materials derived during the process of producing films, such as scenarios and posters, as well as all films produced in Korea at a national level to pass on such data to Koreans and their descendants. Recently, as analog films are disappearing and digital technologies are making progress, interest in video content has grown more than ever, and accordingly, the role of KOFA in preserving and utilizing video data has become invaluable. We would like to achieve the following three management goals to soundly preserve Korea’s video legacies and prepare for the fast-changing technical environment.

First, we would like to increase the Korean film retention rate by discovering films and video legacies more actively. KOFA collects all films produced recently and preserves them in a stable way. Regrettably, however, the retention rate is lower than 40% in the case of films produced prior to the 1960s. We will do our best to find our forgotten culture through aggressive exchanges and cooperation not only with Korean archives but also with archives operated in other countries.

Second, we will build a future-oriented archive infrastructure, actively implementing digital restoration projects. We will separately preserve video data through Sangam DMC (Digital Media City) and the Paju Preservation Center, operating facilities and equipment befitting the scale, and we will be reborn as an advanced archive comparable to those around the world by pushing for the cutting-edge digital restoration projects using our own technological power.

Third, we will make the utmost efforts to introduce the excellence of Korean movies to Korean and overseas audiences. To enable Koreans as well as the world’s people to enjoy Korean film culture through Cinematheque KOFA, our own movie house, the sole Korean national film museum, ultramodern multimedia library and online video services, we will continuously expand and improve audience services.

Our duty is “to contribute to the enhancement of national culture sentiment by collecting and preserving Korean films and by recreating value.” Reinforcing the foundation of Korean films and preserving Korean film history is a shortcut to becoming a culture power, while it cultivates Korean video culture to a richer level. In addition, we believe it is a mission given to the Korean Film Archive by all of you.