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Welcome to the homepage of Korean Film Archive.
Korean Film Archive is an institute having a duty to collect, preserve, and hand over, to Koreans and descendants, the data related to movies such as scenarios, posters, still photos, bibliographies, DVDs and online videos as well as all movie films shown in Korea.

The force of video is more broadening and strengthening by meeting a digital environment changing as fast as it can be said that all media go with digital. As production and demand of moving image are gradually increasing, the periodical role and duty of Korean Film Archive are becoming more precious. Its representative examples are to establish movie database for increasing data availability by servicing digitalization of old films and collection of data away from preservation of films in a better technical environment and to start collection of online films including digital cinema archiving projects.

Besides, you can see 400 or more classic movies through homepages and almost 3,500 classic movies and independent movies from in the Film Reference Library through computer retrieval. Development of restoration projects using a digital technology will be a new essential duty of Korean Film Archive. It is our hope to operate a wowrld widly model Film Archive in the world in a digital era although we were a little late in the analogue era.

Film data are not only a historical values to look back our past but also an important cultural assets having a cultural and educational value affecting our recognition and sense of values. Therefore, recently video legacies of moving image that regarded as cultural asset and would be much better not just in Korea also overseas like China, Japan, Russia, etc. From now on, we are going to excavate Korean movies and legacies or moving images more positively by broadening regions.

These all our projects are to inform Koreans, descendants and world peoples of the excellence of Korean video culture and to establish a foundation for creating new culture. Especially, it is important to notify excellence of Korean movie and video culture to the world.

I think that it is the eventual meaning for existence of Korean Film Archive to make a foundation for real ‘Korean Wave’ to investigate Korean tradition and history sincerely, not ‘Korean Wave’ as a fashion, and to make world video culture as well as Korean video culture rich.

Lee Byung-Hoon, Director of Korean Film Archive