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Founding Objectives
The Korean Film Archive, or KOFA, is a sub-organization of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and was founded in accordance with Clause 3, Article 24 of the Film Promotion Act for the purpose of collecting, preserving, and exhibiting films and film-related documents and also for promoting the artistic, historical, and educational development of film.

The Korean Film Archive is the sole national-level organization that collects and preserves moving image materials as our cherished cultural heritage, which has mirrored the historical and cultural values of the time. The non-profit KOFA was originally established on January 18, 1974 for the purpose of collecting and preserving Korean film, but was reorganized on June 10, 2002 as a government-affiliated public foundation.

The Korean Film Archive has been putting forth its utmost effort to solidify its foundation and to expand the scope of activities in order to keep Korean film heritage permanently under an appropriate environment. To encourage people to participate in creating film culture as active recipients, the KOFA has led the 'Cinematheque Movement' since 1991.

In addition, the Archive runs a specialized film library equipped with various film-related materials serving as the center of film culture, and is in the process of creating user-friendly infrastructure to provide easier digital access to film-related information.
1. To present and compensate for items including motion pictures film in accordance with Article 25 of the Film Promotion Act
2. To collect domestic and foreign films, other moving image materials, related documents, and sound materials
3. To preserve and restore collected motion picture film, moving image materials, and related documents
4. To use and exhibit motion pictures and moving image materials for the development of film culture
5. To conduct academic research, publication, and education for the development of moving image art
6. To promote both domestic and international exchanges of moving image art and to foster the Cinematheque Movement
7. To build a digital database of film and related information and to pursue content utilization programs