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For Scrap Iron (Kochuleul-wuihayeo) (1992)

Director : Heo Jin-ho
Year of Production : 1992
Genre : Drama/Fiction
Format : 16mm/Color
Running Time : 20 minutes and 40 seconds

Crew :
Production : Korean Academy of Film Arts
Director : Heo Jin-ho
Cinematography : Yu Young-sik

Cast :
Ahn Seok-hwan, Park Kwang-jeong, Nam Taek-chul, Sohn Bo-young, Yu Tae-joon


Even as a child, Go Jun-cheol wore clothes that were hand-me-downs and now as an adult, he works as a used car dealer - his life seems centered around used goods. He has anxiety about used things and his virgin girlfriend, Yun-ji, is a source of great pride and joy for him. But Jun-cheol discovers that there are more important things in life than the newness of things and he discovers love and hope through this experience.


It uses the used car dealership to effectively portray the life people on the fringe of society. (Kim Dong-won)

Director Bio : Heo Jin-ho (1963- )

Born in 1963, in Jeonju. He graduated with a degree in philosophy from Yonsei University and entered the Korean Academy of Film Arts in its ninth year to study film directing. He directed For Scrap Iron in 1993 which was his graduation work from the academy. He first set foot in Chungmuro as the assistant to director Park Kwang-su during the filming of To the Starry Island (1993). In 1998, he achieved both critical and commercial success with Christmas in August (8wol-ui Christmas He also directed One Fine Spring Day (2001) and April Snow (2005).