Movie / Poster / Still
Title The Story of Chun-hyang (Chunhyangjeon)
Year of Production 1935
Producer Bundojucharang(Japan)
Production Company Kyungsung Studio
Production Cost 10,000
Date of Rate
Number of Rate
Date of Theatrical Release 1935-10-04
Number of Audience 150,000
Running Time 0 min.
Writer Lee Ki-Sae
World Distribution
Opening Theater Dan Sung Sa
Screenplay(Adaptation) (Lee Ku-young)
Director Lee Myoung-woo
Assistant Director
Executive Producer Bundojucharang(Japan)
Director of PhotoGraphy Lee Myoung-woo
Assistant director
of PhotoGraphy
Gaffer Lee Pil-woo
Assistant Lighting
Music Hong Nan-pa
Theme song
Episode Song
Art Director
Set Decorator
Special Makeup
Editor Lee Myoung-woo
Sound/Recording Lee Pil-woo  
Sound Effect  
Special Effect
CG(Visual Effect)
Still Photographer
Film Development by Lee Pil-woo
Color Timer
Public Relations
Cast(Actor/Actress) Moon Yae-bong, Han Il-song, Kim Yeon-sil, No Jae-sin
Genre Melo
Related Staff
Remarks The first talking film in Korea
Synopsis Chun-hyang, the daughter of a geisha in the Namwon region, and Lee Mong-ryong are engaged. When Lee Mong-ryong goes up to Seoul with his father, Byeon Hak-do, the newly appointed magistrate, attempts to take Chun-hyang. Chun-hyang rejects his pleas for her to come serve him and he throws her in jail. Meanwhile, Lee Mong-ryong becomes an undercover detective after placing first on his national exam and goes to Namwon to arrest Byeon Hak-do and rescue Chun-hyang.