Movie / Poster / Still
Title A Story of the Day after Arirang (Alilang geuhu i-yagi)
Year of Production 1930
Production Company Won Bang Kak Production
Production Cost 3,000
Date of Rate
Number of Rate
Date of Theatrical Release 1930-01-13
Number of Audience 0
Running Time 0 min.
World Distribution
Opening Theater Dan Sung Sa
Screenplay(Adaptation) Na Woon-kyu, Lee Koo-yeong
Director Lee Koo-yeong
Assistant Director
Executive Producer Lee Koo-yeong
Director of PhotoGraphy Lee Meong-woo
Assistant director
of PhotoGraphy
Assistant Lighting
Theme song
Episode Song
Art Director
Set Decorator
Special Makeup
Editor Lee Meong-woo
Sound Effect  
Special Effect
CG(Visual Effect)
Still Photographer
Film Development by
Color Timer
Public Relations
Cast(Actor/Actress) Lee Woon-kyu, Yoon Bong-choon, Lim Song-suh (kisaeng), Namgung Woon
Genre Melo
Related Staff
Synopsis Yeong-jin gets released from prison after killing 16 innocent people in a fit of insanity and returns to his hometown but his family is driven out to the streets because of his debt. The farmers' representative Cheon Sang-min attempts to chase the ex-serial-killer from his town but Teacher Park talks him out of it. Yeong-jin gets acquainted with Hae-shin, the daughter of a crazy old man he met in jail, and gets a job at an ironworks. He begins to tutor Gui-nam, the director's son, and continues to search for his father and Yeong-hee. Yeong-jin thinks Cheon Sang-min's foster son Cheon Jae-man is the one behind Hae-shin's arrest and kills him. When the police chase after him, he flees to Yeong-hee's house. After he meets with his father, Yeong-hee and Hyeon-gu, he becomes delirious and ends up getting arrested.