Movie / Poster / Still
Title The Golden Fish (Geumbung-eo)
Year of Production 1927
Producer Chun (Japan)
Production Company Cho Sun Kinema Co.
Production Cost 1,500
Date of Rate
Number of Rate
Date of Theatrical Release 1927-07-06
Number of Audience 0
Running Time 0 min.
Writer Kim Yong-Kook
World Distribution
Opening Theater Dan Sung Sa
Screenplay(Adaptation) Na Woon-kyu
Director Na Woon-kyu
Assistant Director
Executive Producer Jin Soo (Japan)
Director of PhotoGraphy Lee Chang-yong
Assistant director
of PhotoGraphy
Assistant Lighting
Theme song
Episode Song
Art Director
Set Decorator
Special Makeup
Editor Na Woon-kyu
Sound Effect  
Special Effect
CG(Visual Effect)
Still Photographer
Film Development by
Color Timer
Public Relations
Cast(Actor/Actress) Na Woon-kyu, Yoon Bong-choon, Shin Il-sun, Hong Kae-meong
Genre Melo
Related Staff
Synopsis Song Jae-hun and his wife Kim Hee-sun are a happily married couple. To commemorate their marriage, Son Jae-hun writes a novel entitled Goldfish. Im Heung-yeol, Song Jae-hun's classmate, curses the reality and loses his job. Afterwards, Im Heung-yeol begins some sort of social movement. When Song Jae-hun goes away on a business trip, Hee-sun visits the manager on behalf of her husband and ends up drinking heavily with him. Im Heung-yeol tries to explain Hee-sun's situation to Song Jae-hun, but a dark shadow following him locks him up behind bars. Hee-sun gets a job at a textile manufacturing factory and struggles to survive each day. Song Jae-hun misses his wife and goes to look for her but she has already left with a bottle of pills. He traces her to her mother's house in Gye-dong, but it is too late.