Movie / Poster / Still
Title A Soldier of Fortune (Pung-un-a)
Year of Production 1926
Producer Chun (Japan)
Production Company Cho Sun Kinema Co.
Production Cost 1,000
Date of Rate
Number of Rate
Date of Theatrical Release 1926-12-18
Number of Audience 0
Running Time 0 min.
Writer Na Woon-kyu
World Distribution
Opening Theater Cho Sun
Screenplay(Adaptation) Na Woon-kyu
Director Na Woon-kyu
Assistant Director
Executive Producer Chin Soo (Japan)
Director of PhotoGraphy Lee Chang-yong
Assistant director
of PhotoGraphy
Assistant Lighting
Theme song
Episode Song
Art Director Kim Sang-jin
Set Decorator
Special Makeup
Editor Na Woon-kyu
Sound Effect  
Special Effect
CG(Visual Effect)
Still Photographer
Film Development by Chan-yong Lee
Color Timer
Public Relations
Cast(Actor/Actress) Na Woon-kyu, Kim Jung-sook, Joo In-gyu, Im Woon-hak
Genre Action
Related Staff
Synopsis Nicolai Park joined the Russian army and fought in the war in Europe before coming home. He has nowhere to go and starves for days until he meets Chang-ho, who lets him stay in his boarding house. Meanwhile, Chang-ho meets Hye-ok, who has been sold off to provide money for her parents. Ahn Cha-deok, who has his eyes on Hye-ok, tries to divorce his wife Yeong-ja. Yeong-ja and Nicolai Park become intimate but he refuses her pleas to elope with her. That is when Cha-deok asks Yeong-ja for a divorce and he buys Hye-ok off with money. Nicolai Park goes to Cha-deok's house to bring Hye-ok back but he has already been killed by Yeong-ja. Nicolai Park hits the road again, as his boarding house friends bid him farewell.