Movie / Poster / Still
Title Arirang (Alilang)
Year of Production 1926
Producer Chun (Korean name : Chang-sun Kim)
Production Company Cho Sun Kinema Co.
Production Cost 1,200
Date of Rate
Number of Rate
Date of Theatrical Release 1926-10-01
Number of Audience 150,000
Running Time 0 min.
World Distribution Japan (27)
Opening Theater Dan Sung Sa
Screenplay(Adaptation) Na Woon-kyu
Director Na Woon-kyu
Assistant Director
Executive Producer Chin Soo (Japan)
Director of PhotoGraphy Ka dung gong Pyung (Japan)
Assistant director
of PhotoGraphy
Assistant Lighting
Theme song
Episode Song
Art Director
Set Decorator
Special Makeup
Editor Ka Dung Gong Pyung (Japan)
Sound Effect  
Special Effect
CG(Visual Effect)
Still Photographer
Film Development by Ka Dung Gong Pyung (Japan)
Color Timer
Public Relations
Cast(Actor/Actress) Na Woon-kyu, Shin Il-sun, Namgoong Woon, Hong Meong-sun , Joo In-kyu
Genre Melo
Related Staff
Synopsis In a town, Yeong-jin is a madman living with his father and his younger sister Yeong-hee. One day, Yeong-jin's friend Hyeon-gu comes to visit and becomes heartbroken at Yeong-jin's sorrowful state. He meets Yeong-hee there and the two fall in love. Meanwhile, Oh Gi-ho, the household manager of the town's evil landlord, has feelings for Yeong-hee and tries to rape her on a town festival night when all the other townspeople are gathered up in the plaza. Hyeon-gu appears just in time and the two start fighting. Oh Gi-ho is hit by the sickle wielded by Yeong-jin and shocked at the sight of blood, Yeong-jin regains his sanity but he has already killed Oh Gi-ho. Yeong-jin is handcuffed by Japanese police officers and dragged off beyond the hills of Arirang Mountain.